Area XI
Junior Wrestling

Terrence Fennell
108 Gillin Road
Ambler, PA 19002

Charles Springer



Dave Kent
Alternate Chairman

Another Amazing performance by the wrestlers from Area XI!

First I would like to congratulate our State Medalists on a great performance in this years Youth State Championship in Erie over the weekend. Area XI once again led the state taking home 36 medals which is more than half of our state qualifiers (51.4%). 

This year was especially challenging because the area was split and we were competing at the state tournament against our talented neighbors to the north. In prior years our kids would have met at the Area XI Championship and half the kids from the combined Area never would have had the opportunity to go to the state championship. 

Once again our Area led all areas in both the JHS and the Youth State Championships! 
Area XI Youth State Medalists
Place Division Weight Name School
1st 8-and-Under 65 Lbs Collin Gaj Quakertown
1st 8-and-Under 90 Lbs Adam Waters Pottsgrove
1st 9-and-10 55 Lbs Hunter Sloan Central Bucks East
1st 11-and-12 65 Lbs Sean Logue Philadelphia
2nd 8-and-Under 45 Lbs Colby Martinelli Pennridge
2nd 9-and-10 120 Lbs Owen Vietmeier Upper Perkiomen
2nd 9-and-10 75 Lbs Spencer Barnhart Avon Grove
2nd 9-and-10 80 Lbs Brian Allen Abington
2nd 11-and-12 70 Lbs Ryan Crookham Neshaminy
2nd 11-and-12 85 Lbs Luke Lucerne Council Rock North
3rd 9-and-10 105 Lbs Quinn Collins Centenial
3rd 9-and-10 150 Lbs William Brosko Marple Newtown
3rd 9-and-10 70 Lbs Tyler Kasak Central Bucks East
3rd 11-and-12 100 Lbs Logan Green Abington
3rd 11-and-12 160 Lbs Hunter Catka Rose Tree Media
3rd 11-and-12 65 Lbs Kyle Hauserman Council Rock North
3rd 11-and-12 70 Lbs Matt Vulakh North Penn
3rd 11-and-12 85 Lbs Samuel Beckett Souderton
4th 8-and-Under 50 Lbs Joe Bachmann North Penn
4th 9-and-10 60 Lbs Tommy Link Drexel Hill
4th 9-and-10 95 Lbs Dominic Martin North Penn
4th 11-and-12 200 Lbs Coltin Deery Garnet Valley
5th 8-and-Under 110 Lbs Joe Collins Centenial
5th 9-and-10 105 Lbs Andrew Connolly Ridley
5th 9-and-10 65 Lbs Dominic Findora Coatesville
5th 9-and-10 80 Lbs Jack Wehmeyer Quakertown
5th 11-and-12 90 Lbs Killian Delaney W Chester Henderson
6th 9-and-10 120 Lbs Freddie Retter Quakertown
6th 11-and-12 105 Lbs Tyler Mousaw Unionville
6th 11-and-12 135 Lbs Danny Stradley Chichester
6th 11-and-12 95 Lbs Antonio Petrucelli Owen J Roberts
7th 11-and-12 115 Lbs Kellen Mathias Boyertown
7th 11-and-12 75 Lbs Dante Frinzi Quakertown
7th 11-and-12 80 Lbs James Geiger Pennridge
8th 8-and-Under 75 Lbs Jake Bauer W Chester Henderson
8th 9-and-10 65 Lbs Nathan Rickards Owen J Roberts

Medal Count
Medal Count JHS Youth Total
19 36 55
VII 13 34 47
II 15 26 41
XIV 17 18 35
III 8 23 31
XII 13 16 29
IV 11 17 28
VI 5 22 27
IX 15 12 27
X 3 22 25
V 8 14 22
XIII 6 16 22
I 6 13 19
VIII 6 11 17

JHS Wrap Up
Congratulations our Area XI wrestlers on a great performance at this years Junior High School State Championship. Area XI led the state with 19 medals followed closely by Area XIV who had 17 state medalists. Your accomplishment is extra special because we only sent four (4) ninth graders to the state championship and still led the state in medal count.
Thanks for all your support growing the area which led to the division of our area.  
Special Congratulations to our Area XI State Medalists: 
1 102  AJ  Tamburrino  Centenial  Bucks County 1  (2x State Champion)
1 212  Jameel  Coles  Philadelphia  Philadelphia County 2  (3x State Champion)
2 92  Tyler  Williams  Souderton  Montgomery County 3
2 117  Dan  Mancini  Owen J Roberts  Chester County 4
3 82  Liam  Logue  Philadelphia  Philadelphia County 5
3 112  Evan  Widing  Pennridge  Bucks County 6
3 167  Nicholas  Florschutz  Coatesville  Chester County 7
4 77  Chris  Kim  Wissahickon  Montgomery County 8
4 87  Josh  Stahl  Quakertown  Bucks County 9
4 117  Gunnar  Fuss  Bristol  Bucks County 10
4 132  Collin  Hurley  West Chester Henderson  Chester County 11
4 252  Marquise  Greenwood  Norristown  Montgomery County 12
5 92  Connor  Tracy  Lower Merion  Montgomery County 13
6 87  Henry  Hague Jr  Coatesville  Chester County 14
6 132  Roman  Moser  Methacton  Montgomery County 15
7 157  Chase  Smith  Springford  Montgomery County 16
8 97  Dalton  Harkins  West Chester Henderson  Chester County 17
8 157  Sean  Harold  Centenial  Bucks County 18
8 187  Brian  Fennell  Wissahickon  Montgomery County 19

Congratulations to our newest State Champions and all of our State Medalists.